Alan Wake ‘Flared Dreamscape’

Writer wearing a nice tweed jacket, In Brightfalls, maelstrom of darkness brews, the depths of a small town with cardboard cutouts of Wake, it was supposed to be a getaway, from the typewriting through the night, the famous life of writer Alan Wake’s break — for him and his muse Alice.

Brightfalls becomes Alan’s own creation, a story torn by page after page, a nightmarish dream turned into reality…

Could it be a manifestation of his Fear to finish the next story, a writer’s block?, or is it just Alan’s escape, his safe haven, for him and his little flashlight written to flood the dark presence that’s consumed him…

Flared Dreams Alan Wake

Alan’s muse, Alice is out there in the deep gloomy forest of Brightfalls, determining fiction and reality, Alan’s manuscripts must focus a writer’s future on the path between light and darkness.

The shadows awake and rage as the story unfolds, Alan’s imagination — that has sold his books, is sourced from inspiration Stephen King, metaphor turned reality, exists in the heart of Alan’s psyche.

A man poised, by love for his wife and a typewriter layered unfinished, as the dark presence lurks through the pages springing through the night.




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